Blood Donation

Under the able guidance of Dr.Kancharla Ramaiah, PEC has given utmost importance to Social Activities, till date we have crossed double digit Blood Donation Camps and donated roughly 1000 Units of Blood in association with Red Cross, Ongole and Kavali, RIMS Hospital, Ongole and NTR Trust. More than 1200 students voluntarily registered themselves as Groups in RIMS and Red Cross to donate blood. The Blood donated by these students is 100% Pure and is certified by Red Cross Society.

Whenever there is deficiency of Units in Blood banks at RIMS and Red Cross, The only thing they remember is Prakasam Engineering College and they request us to organize a blood donation camp in our premises. This act of us has been appreciated by these societies and proves that our support is always with them and this has become mark of Prakasam Engineering College.

Whenever there is a requirement of Blood in emergency cases in and around Kandukur Hospitals, Doctors immediately suggest them to reach Prakasam Engineering College. This shows that we are always ready to donate blood round the clock.



At Prakasam Engineering College our mission is to provide standard education

And make students develop the skills required to exhibit their talents to meet challenging issues.

So we encourage students develop more confidence levels, high self esteem, research and problem

Solving skill set and significantly to think differently and independently.

PEC provides state art infrastructure with a committed and dedicated

We have taken a responsibility of enhancing the job seeking opportunities

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Prakasam Engineering College provides the necessary infrastructure and a team of qualified