Statutory Declaration under Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act 2005


(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi - Affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada)

O.V.Raod, Kandukur, Praksam Dist., A.P., Tel: 08598 222288, 22 130px0

Address of the Institute

Name of the College : Prakasam Engineering College


Prakasam Dist,
Andhra Pradesh – 502103.
Ph: +91 8598-222288, +91 8598-22 130px0
Email: [email protected]

About the Institute:

Prakasam Engineering College, an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution is established in 2001 at Kandukur, a 30 minutes drive from Ongole-the district head quarter. Since its inception college is experiencing remarkable growth both qualitatively and quantitatively. The management and faculty of PEC offer the best infrastructure facilities and excellent academic guidance necessary to excel in chosen field of study. Our prime concern is to face the challenges and responsibilities created by innovations and advancements in the technological areas.

Our faculty continually update themselves with the latest state- of-art technology and helps the students to utilize their potential and evolve into a competent engineer. This is a place where a student will learn in an atmosphere where knowledge, research and expertise are shared. We aim at employing innovative teaching methods carrying an emphasis on fast changing technological trends.

Working hours of the office:

Monday to Saturday:

  • For office : 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
  • Lunch Time : 01.00 PM to 02.00 PM



The Principal shall be the Executive Head of the Institution appointed by the Governing Body of the College and shall exercise general supervision and control over the affairs of the Institution and implement the decisions of all authorities of the Institution.

The Principal, unless otherwise provided, shall be the Ex-officio Member Secretary of the Governing Body, Chairman of the Academic Council and the Finance Committee.

The responsibilities of the Principal are:

  • 1. To ensure that the Memorandum of Association, the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Institution are duly observed and implemented.
  • 2. To re-delegate some of his powers to any of his subordinate officers with the concurrence and approval of the Governing Body.
  • 3. To exercise general control over the affairs of the Institution and be responsible for implementation of recommendations of the various committees of the Institution.
  • 4. To convene meetings of the various bodies of the Institution.
  • 5. To prepare the agenda items, coordinate the conduct of meetings, record the minutes and arrange for follow-up actions for the development of the Institution.
  • 6. To apply to AICTE (for extension of approval, sanction of new programs and courses and variation in intake).
  • 7. To apply to JNTUK, Kakinada for affiliation.
  • 8. To ensure timely correspondence with APSCHE, Commissioner of Technical Education, Convener EAMCET, Convener ECET and Convener ICET for student admissions and other relevant matters.
  • 9. To correspond with Social Welfare Department (for submission of scholarship applications for students of PEC), and all other relevant Govt. offices (like office of the District Collector for attending meetings on anti-ragging).
  • 10. To send statistical data to State Government, University and other apex agencies.
  • 11. To comply with all statutory obligations pertaining to the Institution.
  • 12. To conduct internal examinations.
  • 13. To ensure and receive all Department budget proposals for the next academic year in the prescribed format every year. Taking into consideration the central requirements and those of various Departments in the form of operational budget, maintenance budget and developmental budget, prepare consolidated budget proposal for the approval of Governing Body.
  • 14. To maintain student discipline and orderly functioning of PEC and for taking all the decisions in this regard with the help of the disciplinary committee.
  • 15. To inculcate discipline, decency, decorum and dignity among the faculty and staff of PEC.
  • 16. To be responsible for the general amenities and arrangements for students and employees of PEC.
  • 17. To assist the Selection Committee Members in faculty recruitment.
  • 18. In the absence of the Principal, his duties will be entrusted to any Professor, as per the instructions of the Governing Body.
  • 19. In line with the philosophy of the Chairman to support deserving economically poor students, scrutinize the applications regarding sanction fee concession, scholarship and financial support to students in consultation with Director and submit to Management.
  • 20. Any other work assigned by the Chairman connected with the development of PEC.


HOD of any department shall report to the Principal regarding the various activities and take his guidance and advice, in all academic matters. HOD is solely responsible in all aspects to run the department democratically, giving leadership and direction and monitor and control progress of his department.

HOD is responsible for:

  • Planning for department operational, maintenance and development budgets and submit reports to Principal for approval in consultation with Deans and Principal.
  • Conducting Department Advisory Committee meetings once a semester to discuss matters of academic interest.
  • Submitting performance appraisals of faculty and staff.
  • Preparing and submitting the departmental annual report to Principal.
  • Assigning teaching schedules and workloads to all faculty and staff.
  • Distributing departmental work by forming appropriate committees with faculty members and assigning duties and responsibilities to run the department effectively, efficiently and democratically regarding.
  • Administration
  • Academic planning & development
  • Maintenance and up-keeping
  • Examinations
  • Association activities
  • Organizing industrial tours / visits
  • Counseling Students
  • Training & Placement activities
  • Co and Extracurricular works
  • Research and project works
  • Entrepreneur awareness
  • Alumni contacts and others
  • Library books, Journals, relevant to department
  • Organizing expert lectures, add-on courses
  • Monitoring of fatuity discharging their academic and other duties mainly in
  • Preparing of lesson plans & course work schedules
  • Encouraging to enhance new skills and techniques
  • Displaying students attendance, internal marks, lab, performance, results
  • Intimating Parents in critical cases
  • Obtaining faculty feedback and offering necessary counseling
  • Appraising the faculty, students and parents about PEC's mission and goals
  • Maintaining constant rapport with faculty and students
  • Identifying thrust areas of R & D and interdisciplinary areas useful for employability of students.
  • Improving qualifications
  • Overseeing the general maintenance of classrooms, Labs, Library etc.

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