Information Technology


To be the fountain head of new ideas and innovations in Information and technology and continue to be a source of pride for all Indians.


The mission of the Department is to build world-class competencies in the field of information technology and to maintain excellence in teaching learning process, research, and service and to achieve following objectives:

  • To provide quality education of global dimensions, enabling the ignited souls to take on the present world of changing technology.
  • To become the oasis of excellence in the field of engineering education and research.
  • To instill ethical values and lofty ideas into students for their all-round development.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and industry
  • To create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals, who shall contribute to the growth of Science and Technology
  • To impart futuristic and comprehensive technical education of global standards


At Prakasam Engineering College our mission is to provide standard education

And make students develop the skills required to exhibit their talents to meet challenging issues.

So we encourage students develop more confidence levels, high self esteem, research and problem

Solving skill set and significantly to think differently and independently.

PEC provides state art infrastructure with a committed and dedicated

We have taken a responsibility of enhancing the job seeking opportunities

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Prakasam Engineering College provides the necessary infrastructure and a team of qualified