Social Responsibility


A strong and vibrant Prakasam foundation grows when people and organization work together to build a shared vision. Among the strongest ties that write a community are the ethical principles that guide our behavior and allow as to accomplish our common goals. Openness, honesty, integrity and responsiveness to the people we serve; a spirit of giving, volunteerism and community service; respect for the laws of the country in which we work and abiding commitment to the principles of democratic society including equal opportunity, rule of law and free enterprise, are the values by which the foundation, its member and staff expect to be judged.

The following code of conduct is based on these values and serves as an guide as we work with others to build our common goal of Prakasam foundation.

1. Mission
2. Accountability and transparency
3. Responsible of resources
4. Informed and Responsible grant making
5. Committed leadership
6. Sound management practice
7. Avoidance of conflict of interest

1. Mission:

Prakasam foundation’s mission is to provide support, care and opportunity to those people that are in the greatest of need, helping them to lower the barriers to opportunity so that they may acquire the self confidence and self worth to realize their full potential as individuals through the promotion of independence, dignity and choice through their right to education, health, welfare and meaningful employment, leading to their betterment and personal growths.

We pledge to serve and promote the mission of the Prakasam foundation with loyalty, care and obedience.

2. Accountability and transparency:

In our activities we pledge to honor these principles through full compliance with legal obligations, complete and accurate information and responsiveness to stake folders.

3. Responsible of resources:

It is our duty to honor the public trust vested in us by utilizing the foundation resources wisely and efficiently. In meeting this responsibility we strive at all times to exercise

a) Care in maintenance and protection of resources
b) Balance in the disposition of resources
c) Sound judgment in the acquisition of resources
d) Transparency in financial resources

4. Informed and Responsible grant making:

The foundation seeks to foster a culture of responsible grant making and certain example for similar organizations through out the country. With this duty in mind we seek to provide

a) A clear mission statement
b) Clear grant making policies and processes
c) Fair and objective decision – making
d) Full disclosure of grant awards
e) Impartial evaluation
f) Co-operation with other donors

5. Committed leadership:

We believe that effective internal governance is the surest foundation upon which to build an accountable organization. The Prakasam foundation strives to exemplify the highest standards of the governance by promoting.

a) Informed oversight and prudent decision – making
b) Independence of the board from the staff
c) Responsible and competent trustees

6. Sound management practice:

We recognize the importance of sensitive management of our most valuable resource, the people who work with us as employees, coordinators, volunteers and supporters. Our dealings with others are characterized by commitment to

a) Personal integrity
b) Diversity
c) Established employment policies

7. Avoidance of conflict of interest:

We believe that avoidance of conflict of interest is one of the most important task in strengthening the foundation. To avoid conflict of interest are its appearance, we seek at all times:

a) To avoid situations in which personal interest are the interests of third parties take precedence over the interest of the foundation.
b) To avoid accepting gift, hospitality are favors that might influence our judgment.
c) To disclose real are potential conflict in accordance with established policies.



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